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'MERICA! Newest Product - USA Map with Stripes

We are excited to announce our newest product, USA beer cap map with red white and blue stripes. The best way for everyone to show their patriotic pride. Beer Cap Country is the only producer of this product in the world! AMERICA! Click here to get yours today!  Cheers, Beer Cap Country

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The Rise of Craft Beer in the US

The majority of beer that was produced in the US before prohibition was brewed by small operations that distributed it locally. There were neither highway trucks nor refrigeration which saw beer being drunk rather than being produced in large quantities and stored. During the year 1920-1933, official count of breweries went to zero. Breweries were later regulated and small scale productions were shut off basically after prohibition.Large breweries later took off with the aid of transportation and refrigeration. Consolidation then took its toll and the number of breweries shrank until around the year 1980. However, in 1979, the legislation was signed by Jimmy Carter to reopen the market of the smaller brewers. Now, the majority of Americans live within 10 miles...

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Your Purchase

Every purchase from Beer Cap Country comes with everything you need to hang your new Beer Cap Map.  Every package should come in a plain white box with the Beer Cap Country logo. Included in the box should be your beer cap map in protective bubble wrap. The package should also include a set of hanging nails and an informational slip. Beer Cap Country stands behind our product. Every beer cap map comes with a 1-year limited warranty.  If these items are not included on the packaging, it could be a counterfeit. Beer Cap Country only has one authorized seller on Etsy, eBay, and Amazon. Please let us know if you see any products that look counterfeit!    Cheers,  Beer Cap Country 

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